~ chumpi illumination ~

matteo is a 2012 graduate of the Sacred Center for the Healing Arts: The Mystery School 2 year training program & continues to deepen/expand chumpi illumination practice as an advanced student with Eleanora Amendolara.

for more info or to schedule a session, please email: mtnlakehealing@gmail.com

from http://sacredcenter.net/chill.html :

photo (2)“Chumpi Illumination synthesizes the Andean Chumpi stones, aspects of sacred geometry, and wisdom from worldwide mystery traditions…”

“Each Chumpi is the embodiment of a distinct facet of consciousness. When we recognize these twelve infinite forces within ourselves, we can release our the belief that we are anything other than One with all creation…”

“The Chumpis, when laid in their specific formations, echo the very architecture of the universe and act as the bridge to universal truths. The Chumpis allow us to build the structures that encourage the unity of our own contemporary reality with the Greater Reality…”

~ Eleanora Amendolara, Master Teacher, Energy Healer, Sacred Center Founder

for more information & training visit: http://sacredcenter.net/